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SteelFab Classroom

SteelFab Classroom

SteelFab continued its generous support of the College of Engineering with a gift to name the SteelFab Classroom, completed during Phase 2 of the renovations to the Driftmier Engineering Center.  The classroom offers 41 seats, 1,237 square feet of instructional space, and access to state-of-the-art equipment.

The SteelFab Classroom was established by SteelFab and Stuart Sherrill, BA ’96, in honor of and in gratitude for all of UGA Engineering’s students who have selected SteelFab, Inc. for their internships and permanent employment positions.  SteelFab believes that education is one of life’s greatest gifts and is proud to partner with UGA Engineering, its administration, professors and students.

SteelFab’s mission since 1955 is to provide outstanding customer service, quality, and safety which cannot be consistently executed without access to highly education and motivated talent.  SteelFab thanks the University of Georgia as an initial developer of talent and plans to continue its partnership with UGA for many years to come.


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