Questions About Giving?

For further information on these topics or if you have a question not included here, please contact Jan Blaine, Senior Director of Development, at

How do I make a gift to UGA Engineering?

You can donate by credit card online using our secure giving portal, by stock exchange or by check mailed to the below address (don’t forget to make check out to UGA Foundation and include designation on the memo line, if desired). If you have specific designation desires, please let us know because we pride ourselves on honoring all intentions of our donors!

Is my gift tax deductible?

YES! The UGA Foundation, which serves the College of Engineering as a philanthropic entity, is a registered 501(c)3 organization, and donors will receive a documented gift tax receipt for all gifts.

I’d like to give back to UGA Engineering, but I’m not able to give a large amount. Do my gifts really matter?

Yes! Every gift to UGA Engineering, regardless of designation or size, makes an impact. We have several funds to consider supporting, including Scholarships, Engineering Support, or your respective school or major of choice! To learn more about how your support impacts UGA Engineering in a given year, please click here.

Why should I support Engineering when there are so many other programs at UGA?

We are grateful to ALL donors of UGA regardless of what program they support. Our specific goal in Engineering is to fulfill the College’s mission of Learning, Discovery and Innovation! We can assure you that by giving to this mission, your resources will support students, programs, infrastructure, faculty and research in an impactful way. If we can answer this question in more detail for you, we’d be delighted to have a more in-depth conversation on this topic.

Where will my gift be used in UGA Engineering?

Depending on your desire or support, your gift can be designated to a specific purpose within the College of Engineering. Whether you want to support scholarships, faculty, the college overall or a specific major, your gift is impactful and we want to honor your intentions.

What is the benefit of multi-year giving vs. annual support?

Although not a requirement for donating to UGA Engineering, multi-year support is quite beneficial as it assists in the budgeting / planning process for the College of Engineering. As stated above, ALL gifts matter at UGA Engineering. Pledged support assures multi-year funding for the area of support about which you are passionate and helps us in our mission as we plan for the future.

How can I have a long-term impact on UGA Engineering?

If you make a one-time donation, we will immediately use your donation based on need or designation. If you wish to have a long-term impact, an endowment is an option which ensures that your support will endure over time. Endowments are funds given by a donor which are then invested and managed by the UGA Foundation. The returns from the investment are used to benefit the desired area of support in perpetuity.

What is an endowment, and how will I know how my endowment is performing and what its impact is?

As stated above, endowments are funds given by a donor which are then invested and managed by the UGA Foundation. The returns from the investment are used to benefit the desired area of support in perpetuity. If you establish an endowment with UGA Engineering, we provide an annual report showing the investment performance of the fund as well as highlighting the impact of the fund.

What is a legacy gift?

You can establish a legacy gift for UGA Engineering by including us in your estate plans. Legacy gifts ensure that the good you do today extends beyond your lifetime. There are numerous ways to make a legacy gift, including bequests, retirement asset benefits, life insurance benefits, and charitable gift annuities. The designation of the gift is up to the donor, and we have a simple way of ensuring this legacy is fulfilled according to the donor’s wishes.

What is a matching gift?

Some companies generously match their employees’ donations to a registered 501(c)3 up to a certain amount in a given year. For example Georgia Power matches 1:1 for any employee or retiree up to $10,000. To see if your employer is a matching gift company, please check our matching gift database.

If I have more specific questions, where do I go or who do I contact?

As stated above, you can always email Development at: and have your questions answered. You can also call Jan at 706-542-2334 or mail questions and/or donations to the below address.

ATTN: Jan Blaine
130D Paul D. Coverdell Center
500 D.W. Brooks Drive
Athens, GA  30602


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